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Janet Wood is an Executive Coach and the Director of The Meta Performance Institute for Coaching at Novus Global. She’s also a firebrand for limitless growth. It’s her drive for mastery that draws in Fortune 500 executives, founders and creatives. And it’s her ability to disrupt assumptions that keeps them coming back.


With her in their corner, courageous clients have taken new ground - from unthinkable revenue projections to titanic culture shifts. She’s also catalyzed the high performers she leads worldwide at The Institute, a year-long executive coaching certification. And it doesn’t stop there. As a public speaker and workshop presenter, Janet uses strategic insight and powerful questions to get people unstuck. 


She honed these practices alongside today’s leading coaches who rank in the top 10% of industry earners. Their continued collaboration allows Janet to bring the power of a global firm to each of her clients. Together, they constantly put a microscope on each other’s processes and keep up with the cutting edge of reinvention.





Results show that you go further and faster with a coach. Janet takes on a limited number of clients at a time in order to show up powerfully for each person she works with. Use the contact form below to set up an intake call.

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Combining unique story telling and interactive exercises, Janet creates an energizing experience tailored for each event or conference she speaks at. Use the contact form below to start a conversation about having her speak at your next event.



Workshops tailored for any group and for any time frame can create a powerful experience for your team or community to jumpstart new results in their work and lives. Janet can tailor a workshop to fit the needs of the group you're looking to serve. Let's get started today.



“One of the most passionate and insightful communicators I've ever met or worked with. Janet has a way of helping define, discover and implement "the best" in work, relationships, productivity & spirituality. Accomplishments are always imminent after even a brief conversation with Janet. If you're looking for an ego boost, talk to your friends; if you're looking for confidence forged by character, talk to Janet.”

Chris North, Executive Producer at Two Bridges


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